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The MPA is a collective consisting of the vast majority of private sector producers and high-level production personnel that work in the audio-visual industry in Malta. 

The Association, backed by decades of experience of its members and its committee, actively seeks to contribute to the shaping of the audio-visual industry in Malta for the benefit of all stakeholders working in the industry whether producers, crew or talent. The MPA identifies and tackles issues on a policy and a governmental level, bringing to the forefront the needs and ideas from its members on the ground as well as formulating concrete proposals and solutions in a constructive and productive manner. 

Appropriate governance and regulation of the local film/TV industry is central to the smooth running of its respective sub-sectors whether they be TV or film, home-grown or international servicing sectors. Lobbying for improved transparency and accountability whilst advocating for a level playing field and fair principles to be applied is firmly part of the MPA’s remit.

The MPA fully believes in a holistic plan for the growth and success of film/TV industry in Malta. This means focussing on both the international servicing and the indigenous sectors simultaneously without the exclusion of either. Both are necessary parts of a whole. Given Malta’s main challenge concerning the smallness of its local market’s relative size, there is a lack of adequate resources and incentives attributed to the indigenous sector which should be the backbone of the industry as opposed to a side-show. After all, it is only once content of a certain level is created domestically can Malta claim to not only serve as a top facility but truly have an industry.

The MPA constantly reviews the Incentive and Film Fund offerings that are so key to the industry, to ensure that they are internationally competitive, attractive and function as well as possible. Suggestions and proposals with regards to Malta’s assets such as the MFS water tanks, Fort Ricasoli and any sound stages are also of import. The MPA has in fact issued several position papers and policy documents with concrete proposals and suggested solutions to tackling the island’s multi-faceted challenges… and it will continue to do so. 

Malta has a lot to offer and it can offer more.